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Vip Tow Brake-Safe, dependable stopping powerVip Tow Brake-Safe, dependable stopping power

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about Vip Tow Brake

The first all-electric towed brake system and still the best!
100% Electrically Operated System:
The VIP-Tow Brake mounts in the car between the seat area and the brake pedal and is electrically activated from the motorhome. After working with surge brakes, proportional, air and hydraulic brakes,
TowBrake took the best features of each without modifying your present braking system or hitch. Three custom adjustments allow you to drive and stop like you would if you were not towing!

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Brake activates in one of three ways:
click for bigger view1) Automatic Operation: Works instantly when you need to stop quickly!
2) Manual Operation: You can apply the brake without applying the motorhome brakes for slippery surfaces or steep grades for complete control over the system!
3) Break-away feature: The only integrated (built in) system available. It automatically applies the brakes to the detached vehicle and they will remain applied until electrically released.

Custom remote control operation from the motorhome:
From the motorhome driver's seat, you can see by the green status light that the system is operational...ready to go! Also, you can manually activate the Tow><Brake at any time. It also allows you to temporarily defeat the automatic portions for severe conditions. Wired operation...Immune to electrical interference!

Fail safe status light keeps you informed:
Green indicator light: Assurance of correct system operation.
Red indicator light: Lets you know when towed vehicle brakes are on.
Red flashing light and buzzer: Indicates break-away situation or trouble.

The system even charges the towed vehicle battery!

Non-invasive- Allows for easy installation and operation:
One bracket is bolted back by the seat of your car (different methods) and the other bracket is bolted to your brake pedal. The rest is just electrical wiring. All of the wiring is included with the kit to connect from the brake pedal on the car to the control in the motorhome. The kit contains easy, step by step instructions for the handy man mechanic. Will absolutely not damage the fire wall, master cylinder or any other parts.

Dyna-matic safety system:
Gives you the exclusive "brakes hot" warning with visual and audible alarm. It guarantees less wear and tear on your brakes!

Easy to remove to drive your car:
Simply unplug the power, pull two pins and set the unit in the back seat or trunk. This takes only seconds. The removable unit weighs just 15 lbs. It is cylindrical shaped; 2" in diameter and approximately 15" long.

Can be set up for towing different vehicles & transferred to new!

Sealed actuator mechanism keeps maintenance simple!
Only minor maintenance needed: no oiling, permanent magnet motor- no brushes to replace, no filters to clog, no fittings to leak, no airlines to crack or deteriorate and no air tanks to worry about moisture! This system is stable and worry free, not affected by environment! It does not compromise your existing brake systems. No cutting brake lines or modifying to your brake system, tow bar or hitch.

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how it works

control module pictured here is mounted in the motorhome; to the left of the driver on the side panel (or driver's door). If necessary it may be mounted somewhere else. Please contact VIP Enterprise as to how and why. The module contains a braking inertia sensor thatclick for bigger view activates when the motorhome is stopping more quickly than normal.

Fail safe status indicator lights keep you informed!
Red= Tow><Brake is applied.
Green= Normal operation; everything is hooked up correctly.
Flashing Red= Indicates a break-away situation or trouble.
Also includes an audible alarm!

Custom remote control operation from the motorhome:
Besides the status lights, the driver can also adjust the sensitivity of the brake system and can turn off or on the automatic feature of the system. You can see these two controls at the bottom of the control panel.
The large button toward the top of the panel is the manual activation button.
The controler is a wired operation and is immune to electrical interference.

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Dyna-Matic braking system

Only the VIP Tow><Brake has the exclusive...the intelligent DYNA-MATIC Braking System.
The DYNA-MATIC system uses a combination of:
  1. Motorhome stop light signal.
  2. Braking inertia sensor.
  3. Precision towed vehicle brake pressure.
  4. Manual override of towed vehicle braking.
  5. Notification alarm of brakes on too long.

Stopping distance reduced by as much as 50%
Dramatically reduces stopping distance for emergencies or poor weather and road conditions.

Precision brake application will not skid tires.
The custom pressure regulator sets the ideal braking pressure for the weight of your "tow vehicle" giving the benefits of anti-lock braking while taking the weight of the tow vehicle off the motorhome.

Less wear on "tow vehicle" brakes and tires.
Unlike many braking systems, this system only uses "tow vehicle" brakes when braking harder than normal. Repeated application of "tow vehicle" brakes when braking lightly can cause unnecessary wear on towed vehicle brakes and tires.

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click for bigger view
The Pigtail option:
The VIP Tow><Brake kit now comes standard with the Pigtail connecting cable.  The cable connecting the Motorhome and Tow vehicle for the VIP Tow><Brake and Only the VIP Tow><Brake.  No other connections can be make with this cable.  This truely makes the VIP Two><Brake a stand alone system.  Meaning that we can not interfere with any of your other systems and maybe more importantly no other systems can interfere with the VIP><TowBrake system.

VIP Tow><Brake Tote Bag:
The VIP Tow><Brake Tote Bag is designed to hold the Tow><Brake unit for safe keeping when it is not in use. Inside of this lightweight bag is an EZ reference guide that includes directions for connecting and disconnecting the Tow><Brake. The Tote Bag makes it easier to handle the Tow><Brake unit when it is not being used.

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" works exactly as advertised. We are more than pleased with the system."

E.Buchner, Fl

"...extra braking power lets me choose any route I want to travel. I recommend the system highly."
J.Lasswell, NY

"...Thank you again for a quality product. It has been a pleasure dealing with your company."
F.Kluge, OR

"...We (my wife and I) just completed the installation, calibration and initial testing of our new Tow><Brake system. I must tell you how pleased we were at the ease of installation due mainly to your fine instruction booklet...(it) is truly stupid-proof!"
M&K Herbelin, OR

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