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About Vip Sensitor

No matter how or where you travel...VIP ENTERPRISES has the "peace of mind" traveling companion for you! Only the VIP SENSITOR alerts you with both audible sounds and visible lights when dangerous conditions occur.

The VIP (Vehicle Investment Protection) SENSITOR Vehicle Monitoring System has been designed with safety, dependability and peace of mind as its cornerstone. Having been RV'ers ourselves for many years, we have seen, and had our share of travel wearying mechanical breakdowns and emotional challenges.


We designed the VIP SENSITOR Vehicle Monitoring System with the intent of alerting you to potential mechanical problems before a breakdown occurs, thus providing you with security and peace of mind while travelling.
It has taken years to develop, has been tested in the lab and in the shop, and has millions of miles on the road, not only by ourselves, but by our customers. We're very pleased that the VIP SENSITOR Vehicle Monitoring System has more than met our customers' expectations. Most say they would never again be without it.

We guarantee that you, too, will be pleased and have peace of mind knowing that the heartbeat of your chassis is being constantly monitored.

The electronic, microprocessor-based VIP SENSITOR continuously monitors engine and transmission conditions faster and with greater accuracy than any other instrumentation available. It gives you the chance to change speed, pull off the road, permit your vehicle to cool down or seek repairs before significant damage is done.

In only seconds a condition needing repair can balloon to replacement of a transmission or an engine...or both! Sudden loss of engine oil or coolant can cause an engine to self-destruct in less than two minutes...even less time when pulling a heavy load!

Fact: Over 13 million transmission failures are reported every year. So, even the best "gauge watcher" probably isn't receiving enough advance warning from standard equipment gauges.

That is why the VIP Sensitor emits both audible and visible signals: to alert any driver of a dangerous condition...before it's too late.

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The VIP Sensitor gives you:
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Digital accuracy for all conditions and readings
  • Distinct audible and visible alarms to quickly alert you of an abnormal situation
  • Both "caution" and "warning" alarm levels for every condition (except only caution on outdoor temperature)
  • Bright, easy-to-read displays that instantly verify engine or transmission performance while driving.
  • Auto-dimming of the displays at night.
  • Reliability. Built-in diagnostics notify of any problems within the system.
  • Do-it-yourself installation if desired. Installation kit is complete with all necessary fittings and hardware plus easy to follow instructions and diagrams.
  • High-performance fittings for all sensors and cable connections.
  • Easily re-installed on your next vehicle, or the next.
  • Warranty against defects.
  • Engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.
Make the VIP Sensitor your travelling companion and drive with security and peace of mind always!

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23 reasons

*1) Continual monitoring of your chassis Heartbeat for your Peace of Mind.
*2) Automatic notification of any abnormal monitored condition.
*3) Early warning, well in advance of dangerous conditions.
*4) Situations monitored:
  • Outdoor temperature for freeze warning and convenience
  • Battery voltage for too high or too low voltage
  • Engine oil pressure for low pressure
  • Engine overheating from two locations, coolant and engine oil temperatures
  • Transmission overheating from two locations, torque converter and pan
*5) Audible and visual signals
*6) All sensors are supplemental to OEM equipment and will not void warranty
*7) Auto-dimming circuit dims the display at night
*8) Temperature compensation circuit to provide accurate readings in any climate
*9) Built-in diagnostics alerts you of opened or shorted circuits
10) Auxiliary sounder option for the hearing impaired

11) Digital accuracy on bright, easy-to-read display using 2% precision sensors
12) Temperature reading in Fahrenheit and Centigrade
13) Slim design to fit dash, sun visor or headliner of any vehicle
14) Installation kit is complete; sensor/fittings, hardware, terminals, wire and etc.
15) Color coded wiring for ease of installation
16) So accurate you can use it as a transmission and engine analyser
17) Greatly extends vehicle life by being able to operate within optimum parameters
18) System may be re-installed on your next vehicle...and your next...and your next
19) Easily installed by the handy-man mechanic
20) Avoid risky breakdowns along the highway
21) One year warranty against any defects
22) Toll-free 24 hour live message service from anywhere in the U.S and Canada
23) Made in the United States of America

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alarm points

How and why did VIP choose the specific alarm points that are used on the VIP Sensitor?
What values are the alarm points set at?

The set points were carefully researched as to the highest possible temperature and lowest oil pressure that an internal combustion engine can safely operate without damage. Several sources were investigated and from that, the alarm points were chosen. Information on engine and transmission oils from different oil companies was gathered to determine the temperature point that oil would break down at and lose much of its lubricating properties. Oil additives and synthetics were also tested. Vehicle manufacturers specifications were gathered to determine the maximum safe operating temperatures of engines and transmissions. We also consulted several vehicle dealership mechanics and service managers. Magazine articles, independent laboratories and associations information were compiled. Two years of testing on prototype motorhomes and light trucks was analysed; driving in cold and hot weather, deserts and mountains, various elevations and road conditions.

These settings were programmed to give you an early alert of a potentially dangerous operating condition that often could damage your engine or transmission.


Outdoor Temp.
Possible road surfaces freezing
Battery Voltage
11.3 V (Low)
15 V (High)
Possible alternator problem
Oil Pressure
Oil may be low or thinned out due to overheating
Oil Temp.
Engine oil breaks down when overheated
Engine Coolant Temp.
Cooling capacity exceeded
Transmission Output Temp.
Cooling capacity exceeded
Transmission Input Temp.
Cooling capacity exceeded

Standard program: Other alarm point programs are available for specific applications.

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auto scan

New for the Sensitor! Lets you scroll through the digital readouts automatically without touching the SEL button, makes knowing what is going on even easier, can be turned off. This is an option that can be added to a new or existing Sensitor. You can set the time increments to move to the next function from 1 to 60 seconds. Checks all readings automatically, digitally and continuosly.

View the wiring diagram.



Q: Why should I consider the VIP SENSITOR as an add-on to my vehicle?
....A: The VIP SENSITOR is the fastest and most accurate automatic monitoring system available that can help you avoid costly breakdowns and major inconveniences. Long delays or ruined vacations can result from an overheated engine/transmission or from sudden loss of oil pressure if not detected immediately.

Q: Do my existing gauges tell me when something is wrong?
....A: NO. Most gauges are only indicators of what is happening. You have to be looking at them at the time something goes wrong. They won't "tell" you anything. At highway speeds you probably have less than a minute to stop your vehicle if a serious overheating situation develops.
Even serious "gauge watchers" average nearly 7 minutes between glances at the gauges. Most motorhomes and tow vehicles do not even have a transmission or engine oil temperature gauge to let you know what is happening to those critical functions of the drive train.

Q: Won't my engine temperature gauge tell me if the transmission is too hot?
.... A: NO. In testing various motorhomes and pickups, we have seen the transmission temperature in excess of 300 degrees Fahrenheit when the engine gauge is still reading normal. General Motors states that 285 degrees Fahrenheit is the highest temperature you can safely operate an automatic transmission.

Q: Has the VIP Sensitor been proven in tests?
.... A: Yes. Five years in development, before being introduced to the public. However, several VIP Sensitor systems were tested for over 2 years and have logged over 250,000 miles of road testing in climates from sub zero to near 100 degrees Fahrenheit. They were tested in motorhomes and in pickups.

Q: What happens if something goes wrong after it is installed?
.... A: The entire VIP Sensitor kit carries a one-year warranty from date of purchase. VIP Enterprises will repair or replace any item found defective when subjected to normal wear and tear.

Q: Will installing the VIP Sensitor void my vehicle warranty?
.... A: No. The VIP Sensitor is completely supplemental to existing factory gauges or warning lights. No warning devices are removed to install the VIP Sensitor, and all VIP Sensitor devices are external to major vehicle components.

Q: How will I know when that caution alarm turns into a warning alarm?
....A: A "caution alarm" will be signaled with an amber flashing light as well as an audible alarm. When temperature or pressure causes a "warning alarm" it would be signaled with a red flashing light as well as the audible alarm.

Q: How do I know the VIP Sensitor is working?
....A: Unlike other warning devices, the VIP Sensitor is self-supervised. If a sensor becomes disconnected or shorted, the VIP Sensitor will give you both audible and visual notification. A self- test sequence is initiated each time you start up your vehicle.

Q: How will I know what the problem is when there is an alarm?
....A: On your display, the conditions are labeled. With the models 1050 or 1060 you can select the temperature or pressure on the digital readout for each condition.

Q: What if I have more than one thing wrong at a time?
....A: The display, that is mounted where you can read it when you're driving, has separate lights for each possible alarm. The VIP Sensitor has the capability of producing an alarm on one, two,...or all of the conditions at the same time and also within seconds of each other.

Q: What happens if I don't like the system?
....A: VIP Enterprises offers a 30 day money back guarantee, if you are not pleased with your new VIP Sensitor.

Q: What if I have other questions?
....A: Call us toll free at 1-800-422-4663 Ext.847 (VIP). You may call 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Also try our direct line at 734-516-2056, and remember, you can always send us an E-Mail here.

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customers say...

"It has proven to be just what I needed, compact for installation in a confined area, (where would you locate seven additional gauges on your dash?) Multi-purpose, monitoring seven functions essential to driving. As an avid do-it-yourself person, I found the installation to be uncomplicated."
Smenley Sant


"...Just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much I appreciate the system's monitoring unit (VIP Sensitor) you put in my grandmother's motorhome. We drove grandmother to Florida, as you can imagine she was quite apprehensive since it was her first trip since grandpa had passed away. Having never driven a motorhome, I must admit I was a little nervous myself. You can't imagine my dismay when the alarm on the VIP Sensitor started sounding, indicating the transmission was overheating before we had traveled 200 miles. I pulled off and as I went to shift the motor home from drive to park the problem became apparent, it was not in drive but second gear. I felt a little dumb but not as dumb and lowly as I would if we had been stranded! Thank God it's the 90's and such devices are available."
Curtis S. Reynolds & Family


"I saw an advertisement of the Sensitor and was very impressed. I asked for more information and found there would be a display in the State. I drove the 135 miles to look, buy and install the "1060 Sensitor" It's super!!! ."
John Burfiend

New Mexico

"I have been looking for a temperature gauge to monitor my transmission in my motorhome. I had burnt the transmission in my Chevy truck pulling my 36 ft. trailer ...did not want a chance of a problem with the new motor home...I found it was everything I wanted and more. The readout on temperature and pressure are easy to see and the warning sound should alert me of any problems before damage occurs.."
Paul E. Dawson

West Virginia

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