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SeeLeveL RV Gauge

SeeLeveL RV Gauge

The SeeLeveL RV Gauge

The SeeLeveL RV Holding Tank Gauge represents a massive leap forward in level measurement technology for the Recreational Vehicle industry. The SeeLeveL has a combination of features, accuracy, reliability, and diagnostic capability that have never been available before.
The SeeLeveL will monitor up to 4 holding tanks, showing the percent water or sewage level on a digital LED display with an accuracy of +/-2%. If the RV has an electrical LPG sender the SeeLeveL can be calibrated to show the percent level of the LP Gas. Battery voltage is displayed with an accuracy of +/-0.1 volts, and the display contains a switch to control the fresh water pump, making the SeeLeveL a drop in replacement for existing systems. In addition, the system can display the operating characteristics of each of the tank sending units, giving it unsurpassed diagnostic capability.
The SeeLeveL consists of display unit that mounts inside the RV where it can be easily viewed, and a sender panel that is mounted to the side of the holding tank. Existing 2-conductor wiring can be used to connect each sender panel to the display.

The Sender: Each sender panel is a flexible self adhesive printed circuit board which is mounted to the side of the holding tank. The sender scans the water level through the tank wall using patented digital techniques programmed into the sender microprocessor. When the sender transmits the water level information to the display, it sends a digital code that has built in error detection, making it impossible for the display to read an incorrect level, even if the wiring is bad. In addition to the level, the sender also transmits information about the tank height and signal levels. The signal levels can be used to determine if there is buildup of sludge on the inside of the tank. If sludge buildup in the tank becomes extreme, the gauge will cease to operate, so by monitoring the signal level the tank can be cleaned before the buildup gets excessive.

The Display: The display receives the information from up to four sender panels via two wire cables, which are existing equipment in virtually all RVs. The display is attached to a black plastic panel, with only one button on the front panel for all operations. When the front panel button is pressed, the display powers up and sequentially displays the battery voltage, the four holding tanks levels, and the LPG level (if the RV is equipped with an electrical sender). Each level is shown for 2.5 seconds. The tank being displayed is indicated by one of four LED's (black water, grey water, fresh water, and LPG) and the level is shown on a 3-digital LED display. After all levels are shown, the display then automatically powers down, drawing virtually no power so that the RV battery is not drained. By pressing the front panel button at the appropriate time during the cycle, different features can be activated. The optional fresh water pump can be controlled by a rocker switch on the front panel, and an LED indicates when the pump is on.

If a sender is operating properly and connected to the display with good wiring, then the display will show the level normally. If the wiring is disconnected or cut, or if the sender panel is dead, then the display will show "OPn" indicating an open circuit. If the wiring is shorted together, or if the signal conductor is grounded out, then the display will show "Sht" indicating a short circuit. If the display receives corrupted data, then it will show "Err" indicating that an error occurred.

With these diagnostic features programmed into the display microprocessor, and the digital nature of the tank level sensing technology, it is almost impossible for the system to indicate an incorrect water level, and in the very unlikely event it does occur, the user can verify what is happening with the diagnostic information.

Know More
  • Display shows tank level in percentage of full
  • Digital design delivers accuracy only dreamed before
  • Self-diagnostic features show signal strength and tank sensor status
  • Monitor tank valve condition
No More
  • Guessing about which tank is full!
  • Costly special chemicals to clean tank sensor probes!
  • Wondering about battery voltage
  • False full or partial full readings when you know the tank was just drained!

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SeeLeveL RV Gauge
-Breakthrough, patent pending technology
-Digital data provides level measurement with better than 2% accuracy
-Self checking, diagnostic features
-Propane level available on all units with electric tank senders

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Installation is a snap!

1) Cut the flexible tank sensor circuit board to the length you need.

2) Attach the self-adhesive sensor to the outside of your tank.

3) Connect the wires and mount the front panel.
4) You can use your existing wiring from the tank to the indicator panel.

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