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New Frontier Campfire

New Frontier Campfire, portable and gas-fired with realistic looking you that cozy, warm feeling instantly without any mess.

New Frontier Campfire-The world's first portable gas logs!
Great for decks and docks, under awning in rain, tailgating, tent camping.

photoThe material used in the ash is a natural insulator allowing the campfire to be used in places you could not use a conventional campfire, such as decks, pool side, docks, tailgating or even on your lawn. The unit comes complete with logs and an aluminum lid that clamps to the base, forming its own carrying case. When the lid is closed the unit is 18 1/4" in diameter, 12 1/2" high, 20lbs total weight, which means you can store the portable campfire almost anywhere.

The New Frontier Campfire presents a campfire without the hassle. Made of heavy gauge steel, the 27,000 BTU, 18 inch diameter unit comes fully assembled. The artificial logs are constructed of ceramic fiber, which last hundreds of hours. The logs are lightweight and may be arranged to suit your taste. A standard 20 lb. LP tank will burn this campfire for approximately 20 hours if burning wide open. The unit comes with a standard 10' UL approved hose and regulator. Total weight of the unit is 20 lbs.

click for larger viewLeave the trees alone. The New Frontier Campfire is charming, realistic, portable and easy to use with no smoke, no sparks and no mess. It is rain and wind resistant and can even be used under your awning. When hot, the gas logs and ash embers glow realistically, creating a cozy relaxed atmosphere.

With a New Frontier Campfire your campfire is ready when you are. Instant on and instant off! No need to gather wood or fight damp inclement conditions, just turn on and light it. Ready to leave? Your campfire is ready when you are. Just turn it off and store.

No need to limit your campfire to camping: use it at pool side, at the beach, on your deck, tailgating or any other outdoor activity.

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Frontier Cook-All

It's so versatile, you and your family can enjoy hot cakes, bacon, sausage and eggs for breakfast. Next, you can show off your Cook-All by having grilled sandwiches or fajitas for lunch. Or how about steaks for dinner? Then after dinner, make popcorn for the kids. Next time you're out, how about steamed oysters, buffalo wings or blackened fish?

The versatility of the New Frontier Cook-All has exceeded even our expectations. It may be used as a fryer, griddle, skillet or wok, and by using the new Frontier Campfire cover as the lid for the Cook-All, the Cook-All now becomes a Dutch oven, steamer or popcorn popper.
Frontier Cook-All
The support stand of the New Frontier Cook-All may be used without the pan to support a large pot of chili, stew, or my personal favorite-red beans and rice. It may also be used to support a pot of coffee or to boil water.

Cleaning up the Cook-All is a breeze! When you have finished cooking, simply pour a cup of water into the hot pan (Which flashes to steam, it loosens food particles) then empty, wipe and store.

The new Frontier Cook-All consists of a 19" diameter pan made of 10 gauge steel which has genuine horseshoe handles. When not in use, the pan stores in a convenient canvas tote bag, which is provided. A pan support frame is also provided and is designed to be stored inside the New Frontier Campfire, when not in use.

Here is a list of foods we have prepared on our Cook-All. This is only a partial list, but you get the idea!
Stir-Fry, Buffalo-wings, Bacon, Eggs, Sausage, Fajitas, Pancakes, Hamburgers, Fried Chicken, Steaks, Oysters, Shrimp (fried, steamed), Popcorn, Corn Bread, French Fries, Biscuits, Muffins, Blackened Fish, Grilled Cheese, Hash browns.

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